CODAME launches new opportunities for its 300+ Artists

San Francisco, CA—August 25th, 2020)  

CODAME, the organization behind the popular and highly anticipated annual ART+TECH Festival in San Francisco, today unveiled new initiatives to better support and showcase the work of its 300+ artists. CODAME announced the launch of an online shop, a full calendar of virtual workshops and virtual galleries to showcase the artwork created by the artists and by the attendees of their workshops.

“While we dearly miss meeting and interacting with our art+tech community in person, moving our initiatives online has opened up additional opportunities for CODAME and our Artists. We are connected in some ways even more than before, expanding our reach by collaborating with Artists and communities all over the world.” — Bruno Fonzi, CODAME co-founder.

The CODAME Gallery initial launch is featuring the work of Char Stiles, Ilithya, Jordan Gray, Mark Klink, PSKL, Snow Yunxue Fu, Yağmur Uyanik, and Joey Verbeke. Physical and digital prints of their art, and other merchandise and crypto art is available for the first time in the new CODAME Store and via partnerships with some of the most successful Blockchain Art Platforms, including SuperRare, KnownOrigin and Async Art.

“CODAME collaborates with an amazing and diverse group of artists from around the world to push the boundaries of Art and Technology,” said Lisa Kolb, CODAME Curator/Program Director. “With such a wide variety of genres and methods including Generative Art, AI and Augmented/Virtual Reality, it’s exciting to curate and showcase the artists’ work in new ways.”

CODAME workshops are a key aspect of the organization’s mission, teaching the value of art and demystifying technology by providing accessible, inclusive visual media workshops creating connections through the community. Virtual workshop class offerings include: Coding with Shaders, Generative Drawing, Collaborative Storytelling, Virtual Reality Sketching, Sound Space Music, Coding and design games for kids, Making Art with Artificial Intelligence and Building Interactive Installations.

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“CODAME has been an amazing platform on which to develop and virtually teach my Introduction to Shader Programming workshops to students from around the world,” said Char Stiles, CODAME Artist and Instructor. “Through it I have taught creators of all disciplines, levels, and backgrounds in this kind of new-age, one-room schoolhouse. I’m thrilled that CODAME has created virtual exhibits to allow the students to showcase their works-many for the first time. I’m also looking forward to seeing my work offered in a physical form in the CODAME Shop, as it has never left the screen. I’m psyched to see my work on some socks!”

Virtual Galleries will showcase works from artists who have taken part in past CODAME ART+TECH festivals, events and workshops and will update regularly throughout the year. CODAME will showcase the new curated Artist’s work in the shop, in an immersive online experience hosted by New Art City on August 27th, 2020

CODAME will also continue to participate in several ART+TECH events, festivals and panels. Upcoming events include: Exposure as part of the Ars Electronica Festival 2020, University of Stanford’s LASER Talks, and the Vancouver Biennale.

Over 100,000 industry visionaries have been inspired by projects built in collaboration with CODAME and showcased at the annual ART+TECH Festival. Companies like Adobe, Capital One, Google, Github, and Salesforce have benefited from CODAME-led custom lectures, workshops, team-building off-sites, and interactive installations.

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“Fortunate to be surrounded by some of the most successful tech companies in the world, and inspired by the openness, kindness, and creativity of San Francisco, CODAME brings curiosity to every initiative we take,” said Bruno Fonzi, CODAME co-founder. “We exist as an important reminder of the intrinsic value that Art brings to technology development by imagining the impossible, expressing the unthinkable, and exploring Art as the driver to innovation.”

CODAME is always accepting new artists and collaborations. Artists interested in working with CODAME, including lecturing, performing, creating an installation, showcasing their work or leading a workshop should apply with CODAME’s ongoing call for proposals.


By building playful projects and hosting inspiring events and workshops, CODAME was founded in 2010 to celebrate the art and technology that shapes the future. CODAME teaches the value of art and demystifies technology by providing accessible, inclusive visual media experiences & connections through the community. The organization supports creators and gives them a forum to showcase their art.

CODAME is a member of Intersection for the Arts a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and all proceeds are split with the participating artists.

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